After more than 22 years Harald Bohnenberg leaves the BSS Materialflussgruppe

To the 30 September 2014 Harald Bohnenberg left the company after more than 22 years as a successful director and shareholder and has been adopted to well-deserved retirement.

For over two decades the BSS Materialflussgruppe was his professional home. The 65-year-old Munich founded the company in the heart of Solingen-Ohligs in 1992 and made it to a successful general contractor for intralogistics.

"We started with six employees. Today there are 130, "sums up Bohnenberg. Also the sales figures have changed over the years. In the recent years he was responsible for financial management. Meanwhile BSS resets 40 million Euro per year.

Since 1 October 2014 Dipl.-Ing. Martin Gräb and Dipl.-Ing. Vasilios Dossis form the dual leadership of the management. "Harald Bohnenberg has driven the positive development of our company and contributed significantly to our success," says Gräb. "We are very grateful to him."

In the future the BSS Materialflussgruppe wants to get stronger foothold abroad. That means in the EU and in Eastern Europe - but also in the USA.

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