BSS presents new supply solution for logistics warehouses

The storage location monitoring system “GKS” by BSS guarantees reliable supply for order picking, assembly and production processes.

The general contractor BSS (Hall 1, stand 129) presents a completely new solution for supply control in logistics warehouses. The new system “GKS”, which is already in use and well-tried, uses special light sensors to monitor each location on the shelf in automatic and manual storage systems. The GKS system is generally used in flow racks (flow tracks, flow beds) where several containers, cartons or related carriers are arranged in line in a channel. The sensor system queries the status of one or more locations.

The measured status of the location “occupied” or “not occupied” is reported to the higher-level WMS via an interface. This information about the real-time status of locations enables the WMS to start the required restocking with the correct quantities and at the correct time. Containers will only be restocked when locations have become free, at the earliest time possible. This makes the GKS system superior to all other principles of supply generation, which mostly function indirectly. If there are differences between the supply demand calculated by the stock control and the situation reported by the sensor system, timely intervention is possible without triggering incorrect restocking movements. This effectively prevents breakdowns and unnecessary delays. The system is particularly effective for monitoring manual picking of a container from a flow channel.

In comparison to purely mathematical stock control systems the GKS system also provides much higher reliability where correctly triggered supply transports are concerned. The result is reliable restocking for order picking, assembly or production, regardless of whether supply to these zones is automated or carried out manually.

The novel aspect of the storage location system “GKS”, which was jointly developed by BSS and ELV (patent pending), is the ability to group and configure a large number of locations for querying their status via a bus system in a very energy-efficient way. The system is suitable for practically unlimited expansion, it is self-monitoring and designed for highest reliability and availability. Newly developed light sensors with a very compact design detect containers with different reflective properties and colour spectra. Furthermore it is extremely cost-efficient and can be retrofitted in existing facilities.

The system also provides extended possibilities on the side of the higher-level IT system for differentiating or simplifying the restocking strategies from the WMS. The reliable information about the actual status is the decisive factor here.

If required the GKS storage location monitoring system can be integrated with the BSS Pick-by-light system.

GKS is already in use at several large automated order picking facilities in the food retail sector. It can be coupled with any warehouse management system.


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