New automated small parts storage for boxes

The company Leineweber is a brand manufacturer of high quality clothing for men and women . With its own brands BRAX, BRAX GOLF, EUREX by BRAX, RAPHAELA by BRAX BRAXactive the company is represented worldwide.

Already in 2006, BSS received the order to realize the central warehouse for flat goods at Herford. The heart of it was the two-aisle small parts storage system with a lateral rack picking and an extensive carton conveyor system, which was expanded about a third lane due to strong growth only one year later. 

2012 BSS got the order to increase the small parts storage system and change the picking system. It will be build a three-aisle small parts storage system with over 52 700 locations for bins. These are disposed of stacker cranes of the latest generation. Integrated in the warehouse is a sorter system of  Duerkopp conveyor technology, which can correctly sorted as far as 5000 parts / h. 

Through the new small parts storage systems the capacity is more than doubled and increases the performance of currently 330 double cycles per hour to 705 . The conveyor system is equipped with a Siemens S7 PLC from the 400 family.

The commissioning of the new warehouse is scheduled for the middle of the next year.

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