Food retail chain 

Branch: Food
Production startup: 2010

Plant technology:

  • Automated mini-load warehouse
  • Bin conveyor technology
  • Palett conveyor technology
  • Visualisation

Food retail chain, 5 chilled warehouses

The food retail chain based in Germany operates self-service shops of different sizes, in different locations and with different ranges of goods. BSS was employed to erect efficient storage and order picking systems at five different sites. The scope of supply includes a five-aisle, double-depth automated small parts storage with a storage location capacity of 7,800 containers and connection to the handling equipment supplying and removing from the storage, including order picking. There will also be a 355 m long pallet handling system with work platforms (lift and lower) for eight repacking stations, with direct connection to the container handling equipment. So far 3 facilities have gone into operation.

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