Synflex Elektro GmbH

Branch: Other
Production startup: 2008



Synflex – Investments that pay off

The main feature of the expansion is the 17 m high fully automatic high bay pallet warehouse. The new building, in which Synflex is investing around 11 million Euro, is mainly used for storage of stock items from in-house production as well as from suppliers. These are mainly enamelled copper wires for manufacture and repair of electric motors and transformers which are wound on plastic reels and in some cases protected by reel containers. They are stored on pallets, in mesh pallets and in containers (on pallets). The option of creating sectors on pallets was taken into account for storing small containers. Special pallets are used in addition to the load carriers in the manual pallet and hazardous goods storage.

The incoming goods area in the existing building directly serves the high bay shelf with 8 stacker cranes (STC) of the newest generation. These guarantee exact and fast positioning with highest possible acceleration and speed values.

A sophisticated stock removal strategy was taken into account to achieve a high throughput capacity for order picking as well. When releasing orders the WMS assigns a so-called sequence identifier to achieve optimum loading of the customer pallets.

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