Mennekes Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Branch: Electrical engineering
Production startup: 2004

Plant technology:

  • Automated mini-load warehouse
  • Bin conveyor technology
  • Visualisation
  • Warehouse management software



Mennekes – Intermediate production storage with automated preassembly

Planning and implementation of the intermediate production storage for electronics components by BSS as general contractor. 7 automated manual work stations for pre-assembly and 5 manual work stations for final assembly were connected via a total of 32 access and exit lanes for the two-stage production. Sequenced according to order, opened and empty containers are supplied to the automated pre-assembly stations, where they are filled with the semi-finished products and then placed in intermediate storage in the automated small parts storage. Subsequently the semi-finished products are supplied from the automated small parts storage and the external storage managed by SAP for final assembly with push-button-controlled restocking according to the KANBAN principle, including monitoring of assembly station status.

BSS carries out the customer-specific customising for implementing the complex production requirements and links the existing SAP system to the BSS WMS via the certified IDOC-WM-LSR standard interface.

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