Lemförder Logistik GmbH

Branch: Automotive
Production startup: 2004

Plant technology:

  • Automated mini-load warehouse
  • Bin conveyor technology
  • Multi-picking
  • Visualisation
  • Warehouse management software

Web:    www.zf-lemfoerder.de


ZF Lemförder – Kanban requests in vehicle technology

The purpose of the new logistics centre is to improve the supply of the factories at the site for the production of control arms and gearboxes. The automated small parts storage built by BSS as general contractor has 2 aisles and provides fourfold-depth storage for containers in different sizes. The warehouse has 13,108 storage channels; for optimising the STC capacity the containers are grouped for storage. An STC can stock or remove a maximum of 4 containers. The buffer sections for the handling equipment are optimised for space and cost-efficient due being connected by a transverse distribution carriage.

For failure redundancy, handling equipment or transverse transfer carriage control can be added to each of the two PLC controls of the stacker cranes.For stock removal the customer SAP system receives an E-Kanban request from the production island and transmits it directly to the WMS. The orders are buffered and grouped into optimised tours using priority control.

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