KIK Logistik GmbH

Branch: Textile
Production startup: 2005

Plant technology:

  • Automated hig-bay storage
  • Material flow calculator
  • Palett conveyor technology
  • Radio data transmission
  • Visualisation



KIK – material flow control at the textiles logistics centre

BSS as the general contractor equipped the new central warehouse for KIK with a six-aisle high bay warehouse for storing cartons of different sizes on the 16,000 single-product Europallets. Fast-moving items are picked on both super spurs with gravity flow tracks for 2 pallets. Order picking from the block storage, the super spurs and the shelves is carried out using the operating dialogues of the radio data controlled stacker control system.

The BSS material flow computer communicates with the customer's warehouse management system. The visualisation of the installation runs on 5 work stations via WEB Navigator and shows all installation states with detailed displays and error messages in real time.

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