Hilti AG
Nendeln (Liechtenstein)

Branch: Fastening technology
Production startup: 2006

Plant technology:

  • Automated mini-load warehouse
  • Bin conveyor technology
  • carton conveyor technology
  • Palett conveyor technology
  • Visualisation

Web:    www.hilti.com



BSS supplied the complete control equipment for the very extensive container and carton handling facility and for the 10 stacker cranes for automated small parts storage for the new construction of the logistics centre in Liechtenstein. This includes double-mast stacker cranes Stratus from TGW with 2 double load handling attachments for extremely dynamic single-depth storage. Two mutually independent hoisting gears allow the devices very flexible access to several containers at the same time without these having to be in the same y-position on the shelf. Together with an intelligent control this provides previously unimaginable measures of performance. More than 88,000 containers are managed in the warehouse. The 14 m high cranes are used in aisles of 72 m length.

BSS also supplies the pallet handling equipment with connection to the high bay warehouse, lifting gear and palletisers and the despatch work stations. The visualisation of the facility with the option for multiple workstation access via WEB Navigator shows all quoted areas, including the stacker cranes in the five-aisle high bay warehouse.

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