CFB Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

Branch: Chemical products
Production startup: 2003

Plant technology:

  • Automated hig-bay storage
  • Curve-going machines
  • Distributor carriages
  • Loading and unloading of shuttles
  • Palett conveyor technology
  • Radio data transmission
  • Visualisation
  • Warehouse management software

Logistics centre CFB Budenheim from the Dr. Oetker group of companies

Implementation of the complete control system and warehouse management system as general contractor for the turnkey chemicals logistics centre, consisting of an automated 11-aisle high bay warehouse in silo-design with 4 curve-going stacker cranes.

Linking to the different production workshops at the site via shuttle service; linking to the manual hazardous goods storage via a stacker control system with radio data transmission. The storage goods, mainly phosphates for the food industry as bagged goods, are stored on pallets with up to 1.5 t, partially with protrusion of the goods. For removal from stock, pre-picking of the goods is carried out on a provision area using hand-held radio terminals. On account of longstanding experience BSS also carried out the SAP customising for this project.

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