After more than 22 years Harald Bohnenberg leaves the BSS Materialflussgruppe

To the 30 September 2014 Harald Bohnenberg left the company after more than 22 years as a successful director and shareholder and has been adopted to well-deserved retirement.

For over two decades the BSS Materialflussgruppe was his professional home. The 65-year-old Munich founded the company in the heart of Solingen-Ohligs in 1992 and made it to a successful general contractor for intralogistics.

"We started with six employees. Today there are 130, "sums up Bohnenberg. Also the sales figures have changed over the years. In the recent years he was responsible for financial management. Meanwhile BSS resets 40 million Euro per year.

Since 1 October 2014 Dipl.-Ing. Martin Gräb and Dipl.-Ing. Vasilios Dossis form the dual leadership of the management. "Harald Bohnenberg has driven the positive development of our company and contributed significantly to our success," says Gräb. "We are very grateful to him."

In the future the BSS Materialflussgruppe wants to get stronger foothold abroad. That means in the EU and in Eastern Europe - but also in the USA.


Sophisticated intralogistic solution for students from all over the world

Where is the largest German university based? We mean the one with the most students.  The surprising answer is that this university isn’t situated in such large university towns as Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt but is based in the rather tranquil city Hagen in Westphalia.

The university in Hagen is the only German state-controlled distance learning university with 74 000 students from more than 100 countries. The big difference in relation to other universities is that the students are learning at home. Many documents, such as application forms, teaching materials or degrees are sent in paper form by post. Every day several tons paper, up to 10 000 mailings or parcels are leaving the logistic center from the FernUniversität, containing individually configured documents.

This is an enormous challenge for the employees, who are responsible for the picking of the individual and various documents and this means a lot of efforts and long distances that have to be covered.

To meet the continuously growing requirements and to make the picking activities simpler, safer and faster, the FernUniversität Hagen decided in 2013 to purchase a modern picking solution including automatic small parts storage. In 2014, the BSS Materialflussgruppe based in Solingen has been awarded the contract to provide and construct this turnkey system and to provide the technical support in the subsequent years.

Until this time, the employees from the FernUniversität had to pick all documents manually and often had to walk long ways to complete the parcels – this meant a really considerable challenge, because that all had to be made within a certain time limit to ensure timely shipment. Even minor delays can have significant consequences for the students who get the learning material in paper form and have to meet examination deadlines.

“The quantity of parcels and the requirements for a flexible provisioning will significantly increase in the next years, corresponding to the expectations regarding a modern distance learning system“, said Prof. Dr.-ing. Helmut Hoyer, rector of the FernUniversität in Hagen. “Our actual logistic center would then run up against its limits”.

„We decided to contract BSS because its solution is the best adapted to our requirements, enables optimum space utilization and offers ergonomically optimized workplaces “, said Petra Hohmann, councilor for media administration at the logistic center from the FernUniversität Hagen. Actually a small part warehouse is under construction, its dimensions are 36m length, 8m width and 9m high and it is conceived for double deep storage of document boxes. This three lanes storage system including almost 20.000 storage spaces will be constructed in an existing warehouse.  The small part warehouse contains plastic trays with a full-weight of maximum 11 kg. A manual transport and handling of those trays over the next years wouldn’t be a back-friendly working.

Core of the facility are the ergonomically optimized picking areas in the three gripping zones. They include height-adjustable sliding platforms and can be adjusted depending of the body size of the employees.  All plastic trays will be exactly transported into the gripping zone and will be picked up there again.  This means an important relieving for the employees who don’t need to bend down anymore or to carry some heavy parcels. Using modern RFID-tags (radio frequency identification), the trays will be transported reliably and directly via conveyors to their destination.

Further, the noise level could be reduced thanks to a low-noise and energy-saving  low-voltage conveyor drive technology.

Warehouse management and flow management are SAP-EWM based and also part of the SAP platform of the FernUniversität.

The new system will be taken into service in February 2015.


INNOVATION DAY at the KUKKO tool manufacture in Hilden – BSS is presenting a state-of-the art logistic solution

Hilden, 28.08.2014 and 04.09.2014 – At the last Thursdays, around 50 invited guests have participated to the “INNOVATIONSTAG LOGISTIK 2014” at the KUKKO Tool manufacture in Hilden.

The BSS Materialflussgruppe as a general contractor conceived in 2011 the fully automated small parts warehouse for the family-owned tool manufacture and achieved this turnkey project in 2012 / 2013. This state-of-the-art logistic system, which is not only conceived for articles storage and dispensing is also working as a kind of central nervous system and connects incoming goods, production, warehousing, fitting, packaging and shipment. It has been presented in details to the members of the German Tool Manufacturers Association (Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie FWI) and also to logistic experts. The provision and disposal of the automatic small parts warehouse (in German AKL) is made by a sophisticated container conveyor system, which also includes a multiple picking station in its technic, where up to three orders can be commissioned simultaneously using the "goods to person" principle.

The guests had the opportunity to see those new logistic processes close up.  Martin Gräb, manager of the BSS Materialflussgruppe, explained in a pleasantly informal atmosphere during this tour through the facilities, how other companies also can make profit of such innovative solutions.

This innovation day was a successful, varied and informative event which happened for the first time in this form but for sure will be continued.

BSS would like to take this opportunity to thank the KUKKO tool manufacture for this successful day and for its active cooperation.


New home for the fastening elements of the EJOT GmbH & Co. KG

The order for the reorganization of the logistics processes in Bad Berleburg has gone to the general contractor BSS Bohnenberg GmbH. After the reconstruction of the logistic center in Bad Laasphe it is now the second system BSS realizes for EJOT. Constructed will be a fully automated small part warehouse with adjoining picking and shipping area.

"The concept and the execution of our first common project with BSS were so successful that we have decided that also the new project "logistics center industry” in Bad Berleburg goes to BSS,” says Markus Rathmann, Head of Supply Chain Management of the EJOT Group.

The previous internal material flow no longer corresponded to the best available technology and would not keep pace with the growing demands.

With technical and functional support from BSS it will be build a 54 m long, 13 m wide and 14 m high automatic storage system for containers and trays. For the storage with four lanes and about 69 000 locations BSS provides four double-deep automatic stacker cranes.

An extensive conveyor system connecting the storage with inbound, picking and shipping area.

The production startup is at the end of 2014.


BSS sponsors handball youth

[Translate to ru:] Die C1-Handball-Jugend der HVE Villigst-Ergste

The C1 handball youth Villigst-Ergste has a new sponsor. BSS and the Handball Association of Schwerte cooperate with immediate effect with each other. Under this partnership, the young players of the C1 youth bear the logo of the general contractor for automated logistics systems on their jerseys.

In the game against the JSG Eiserfeld-Dielfen from Siegen on 14.09.13 the new jerseys were used for the first time. Inspired by the new team clothing the players of the C1-handball youth were able to win the game 23:14.

The HVE Villigst-Ergste stands for team playing, dynamics and competition. It provides children, youth and seniors authentic sports, qualified coaches in all age ranges, training in halls with very good training facilities, professional organization and a family atmosphere.


Компания Unilever приняла решение о расширении логистического центра с компанией BSS

The existing Unilever logistic center in Buxtehude is extended until the end of 2013. BSS was awarded to implement the intended changes in to reality.

Already in the spring of 2007, Unilever decided to award the planning and implementation of the central warehouse for raw materials and finished goods in Buxtehude to the BSS Materialflussgruppe. The heart of the storage system is the 18 m high and 100 m long pallet high bay warehouse. With approximately 10 000 pallet locations it provides space for the storage of 3000 various raw and 500 packaging materials for the production of personal care products as well as finished goods.

After previous extensions BSS has now been commissioned to provide the complete logistics facility for the new central palletizing and the automatic supply of the production lines.

Although the existing pallet conveyor system and the material flow computer are extensively extended and BSS delivers a driverless transport system with 10 vehicles for the automatic supply and disposal of the entire production.

The use of the new logistic facility is planned for the end of 2013.

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